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Data-Driven Value Generation

According to Gartner, data and analytics leaders who share data externally generate three times more measurable economic benefit than those who do not.

However, privacy, regulatory, confidentiality and security requirements limit their ability to share data and collaborate on data analysis, let alone easily, affordably, and at scale.

The Multyx SaaS platform with its intuitive UI enables enterprises to collaborate with partners on sensitive data.
Data is made available in its original form while overcoming the above-mentioned challenges by leveraging a unique combination of privacy-preserving technologies.

Confidential AI Platform

Introducing our enterprise-grade Confidential AI Platform, a cutting-edge fusion of advanced technologies designed to revolutionize the landscape of secure and private data collaboration.

As the underlying infrastructure, our platform leverages confidential computing, ensuring the highest standards of confidentiality. Built on the foundation of the latest cloud infrastructure, our platform facilitates seamless collaboration providing unparalleled guarantees of data protection.


Within this innovative framework, our platform provides assurance of secure and private data sharing and streamlines interaction between sensitive data and AI model partners.

Our platform allows flexibility of deployment of pre-installed applications, or on-the-fly application creation.

It extends its capabilities to onboard new partner applications seamlessly. With comprehensive pipeline visibility and control, our Confidential AI Platform stands as a beacon of innovation in the evolving landscape of data-driven collaboration.

Platform Highlights

data sharing

Smart collaboration process


Ready-to-use applications

Onboard new
partner applications

Bring your
own code ™

Enterprise grade platform

Comprehensive pipeline visibility and control

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