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Your Sensitive Data
Collaboration SaaS Platform

Empower seamless collaboration, unrivaled security,
and total privacy in AI and data

Our Vision

Drive new value by enabling data applications previously impossible to implement, safeguard against data exposure with cutting-edge security and privacy-preserving technology, and enhance efficiency through an intuitive SaaS platform.

This approach not only expands revenue streams, but also minimizes risks and improves overall operational efficiency by ensuring model accuracy and accelerating time to value.

About Multyx

Multyx stands at the forefront as a premier supplier of solutions and platforms dedicated to confidential AI and data collaboration.

Leveraging the Multyx SaaS platform, companies can seamlessly and affordably engage in collaborative analysis of sensitive data with external AI partners, all while upholding data confidentiality at scale.

Our Technology

Our confidential AI platform is powered by a combination of privacy-enhancing technologies, such as confidential computing, synthetic data and data obfuscation.

Our platform is built on top of the latest cloud infrastructure, and can be used to collaborate on tabular or textual data, while providing bleeding-edge security and confidentiality guarantees.

Business Benefits

Analysis of Original Data with Scalable Zero-Trust Confidentiality


Propel the Upside

Create new revenue streams
via applications previously
impossible to implement.


Protect Against the Downside

Minimize data exposure
via breakthrough
privacy-preserving technology.


Improve Efficiency

Accelerate time to value,
reduce operational cost,

and drive better AI accuracy,
via a SaaS-based intuitive platform.

What Customers are Saying

"Multyx is a game-changer in the AI and data analysis space. Their platform has revolutionized the way we collaborate and develop applications."

Director of AI and Data Analytics

at a leading US & global consulting firm

Customers and Partners



financial group


consulting firm


European & intl.

insurance carrier

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